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️ The best solution to clean Up your Windows 10 Pc with free software and good settings.

Disclaimer: My advices is personal you do what you want with it i’m not in charge of anything.

That maybe not intuitive but have a paid or free Antivirus running in continuous is not a good at all. Avast Avira Norton ect paid plan and other analyze all your activity send data for analyze .. that create a lot program and services in background in your computer.

That why use only antivirus or anti-malware  in active mode not in passif mode.

So if you have Avast or something like that uninstall it.
I advice only Malwarbytes with the passive mode disable. Today WindowsDefender activate (for Win10&11 only) is a good solution too.

Official Malwarbytes is always free the paid plan is recommended for pro: https://www.malwarebytes.com/

Don’t forget to disable Real-Time Protection.

Now you can run a manual Scan do it that cannot be bad.
Run a manual scan 3 times per month or when you think you have bad thing on your computer.

Now the next step for a good cleaning is to uninstall all useful sofwtare on your computer.

That simple go in settings My Apps and delete what you don’t use.

And if you want do more you can use Windows10Debloater for a big clean.
Github source :https://github.com/Sycnex/Windows10Debloater/archive/refs/heads/master.zip

Open with PowerShell in Admistrator right click. And accept condition in powershell and the Gui App start.
If you don’t have all Admin-right everywhere past this in powershell before : « Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted »

Ok now your good with probleme externe of Windows.

Now a tool for fix internal probleme of Windows and Disk.

That a simple and free sofwtare name : Glarysoft.
Download source here: https://www.glarysoft.com/

With this simple scan you repair error of windows clean some useful stuff you never see.

You can also repair mecanic disk. You can stop service a the boot and many more options. Is the perfect for make good administration and optimization you want on your PC.
The paid version is automatic the free is version is manual both solution are good.

That the only good i see for easy repair the registry of windows.

If you have an other advice or critic, I’am ok to discuss with you in commentary.

Have all a good day.

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