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The all-terrain ANYmal robot

Swiss-Mile, a spin-off company of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, has just presented the latest version of its ANYmal robot which will go on sale next year. Equipped with wheels at the end of its four legs, it is intended for city delivery. He is fast, he can climb stairs and can even stand up to receive parcels.

On the flat, the ANYmal uses its wheels to reach up to 22 km / h. His legs also act as shock absorbers, allowing him to easily descend the stairs. By precisely controlling the wheels and bending his legs, he is able to climb steps or climb obstacles with almost as much ease.

Source: https://www.markobjelonic.com/publications/files/2021_iros_bjelonic.pdf


Marko Bjelonic
Roboticist at ETH Zurich focusing on Optimal Control for Wheeled-Legged Robots

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