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Roblox is the most advanced metaverse ?

In short yes.
It’s maybe not the more beautiful or the most advanced gameplay but it’s the more simple gameplay access. You can invite a friend in 5 second like on social media. You can booking with a simple invitation in central message of roblox. You can go in a lot of univers instantly for free. You see can play a what you want for free.

Roblox is crossplateform you can play on every device phone pc console tv ect…

And you can create a roblox game on the pc for free and it’s not hard : https://www.roblox.com/create

If your game is popular you can gain a lot of user easly and generate money with paid item or paid what you want in specific game.

In resume you can play online with other player human at what you want on the roblox plateforme.

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