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How to reset/remoove password on macOS : MACBOOK;MACBOOK AIR;MACBOOK PRO;IMAC;MINIO old Lion to Bigsur 10.7-11.0

  • A : Option 1 the usuall way.
  • B : Option 2 the sneaky way hard to found on the google web lol.

Not possible if disk encrypted with filevault

Possible if Icloud activate with the option 2

A : Option 1 the usuall way

First way you need to know the cmd R boot & open the terminal and simply type the following command :


B : Option 2 the sneaky way hard to found on the google web lol.

Create a boot key installator of your version of macOS or elcaptain(i don’t know but work every time.)
And boot on the key install and open the terminal and type the same command :


Select the disk where you want remoove/reset password.
Don’t forget to reset the password of hidden root user.

Reboot and you can log on the new session user invite with id:root and password or on the current user session where you change the password.

This infos is for educational purposes and for devices abandonned for not going to trash.

If you stole the product Apple can tracking you very easly remember that.

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