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Cutefish OS & Jing OS the linux OS alternatives to MacOS & IPadOS.x

You want buy your own Laptop with composant you want and have a smooth distro linux elegant that a little inspiration of Apple design and you want have tablet without android or IPad OS but still a elegant inspired apple design too ?
It’s possible it’s not fully recommended actually but it’s the futur and it’s maybe a good train to do that.

Linux variant distro ecosystem are in progression for a lot raisons: there are Free there in some times more fast there for the moment more secure. The model opens-source or semi open-source are good things for the good heal of internet .

There are too much restricted  OS with litteraly 3 compagny have close all the market : Microsoft:WINDOWS Apple:MacosIos Google:Android&

So explore news things test & improve if you can that why linux distro at least worth trying.

CutefishOS for PC:  https://en.cutefishos.com/

JingOS for your tablet :https://github.com/JingOS-team/JingOS

CutefishOS interface :

JingOS interface:

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